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Durban is an ecclectic, eccentric, and incredibly creative city, yet it remains largely under the radar. An online search on Durban as a destination shows endless websites claiming Durban to be ‘The Warmest Place to Be’, or ‘Durban: Enchanted Pleasure-Palace, Africa’s bewitching seaside playground in the sun’... Those who actually live in Durban know this to be complete crap. Durban’s secret is it has no idea what it is - or wants to be. Therein lies its charm. Issue #33 of iJusi is a selection of Durban Stuff collected by Garth Walker over the years (plus some fellow Durban Lovers’ stuff) which showcases the real Durban.

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Issue #33

The Durban Issue

Focusing on iJusi's hometown, featuring the new, the old, and the future of the city of Durban. All things quirky, weird, unknown, unusual and downright bizarre about Durban have been included in this issue.

Contributors include: Suzy Bell, Louise Duys, Arthur Gammage, Roger Jardine, Steve Kotze, Wilhelm Krüger, Travis Lyle, Ross Makepeace, Jo Rushby, Louis Trichard, Marius van Rooy, Brode Vosloo and Ian Wolstenholme.

An Interview With Design Indaba

iJusi's Garth Walker talks about 'Being African'.