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Images from the iJusi Collection of South African Vintage Vernacular Photographs

The 32nd issue of iJusi magazine focuses on vernacular photography, hand-picked from the archives of Garth Walker's personal collection.

The iJusi vernacular collection covers original photographs (or photographic reproductions) relating to South Africa (and occasionally southern africa) as acquired by Garth Walker over many years (the collection continues to grow in scope and size). In a few cases only the original negative was available, in which instance a contemporary print was made by a professional photo lab. The photographs featured here were acquired over twenty years from dealers, junk shops, flea markets and photo studios from all over South Africa.

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Issue #32

The Found Photos Issue

The selected photographs have been reproduced at approximately the original size (where practical) and with the minimum of retouching to faithfully reproduce the image as found. The collection is vast, and the selected images were chosen by Garth himself. The criteria for inclusion run from historical interest (most of the collection), to “I just like it”, to the downright quirky and bizarre. Extended captions provide additional information or explanation. With thanks to: Steven Kotze, Ian Wolstenholme, Louise Duys, Andrew Griffin, Blake Pickering and Gavin Rooke

An Interview With Design Indaba

iJusi's Garth Walker talks about 'Being African'.